Toughened safety glass

Einscheibensicherheitsglas (ESG) GEWE®-dur


From interior applications such as doors, glass furniture, showers and room dividers to safety-relevant exterior applications such as glass facades and window glazing, the range of applications for toughened safety glass is broad.


The toughened safety glass GEWE®-dur meets all requirements for thermally toughened glass. The special properties of the single-pane safety glass are four to five times higher bending strength, increased impact, shock and hail resistance, resistance to thermal shock and the low risk of injury in the event of breakage, since it breaks up into blunt-edged, loosely connected fragments when subjected to excessive mechanical stress.


In areas where a high level of application safety must be ensured, the toughened safety glass GEWE®-dur-H-FÜ is primarily used. This product is subjected to the so-called heat-soak test, which significantly minimizes the risk of spontaneous breakage. Particularly in the construction sector, special application safety must be guaranteed. For this reason, the production process for GEWE®-dur-H-FÜ is externally monitored by an accredited third party. This means that GEWE®-dur-H-FÜ can also be used in Germany for installation positions with a height of the upper glass edge of more than 4 meters without further official approval.


The product range of the toughened safety glass is rounded off by numerous finishing options realized using screen and digital printing; laser technology and sand blasting.



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