Thinking in the whole. Act in detail.


A good deal should be profitable for both sides. As a partner of glass wholesalers and glass refining companies SCHOLLGLAS knows customers’ exact needs and takes different approaches in procurement. It also operates systematically on international markets thereby guaranteeing a high level of availability. The result is a wide range of basic glass types which our customers can continue to finish – from jumbo size down to individual cut sizes – throughout Germany and in neighbouring European countries.


High availability and quality characterize our trade just as much as our individualized, short-notice delivery service for high customer satisfaction. As a full-range supplier, we place great value on quality standards in all segments. SCHOLLGLAS has thus clearly positioned itself with a consistent focus on a variety of customer segments. Our customers are able to benefit from both our independent status and also the networks within our corporate group.


The resulting technology and knowledge transfer allow us to generate synergies which benefit our customers. Proprietary new developments and patents plus our ability to detect trends early and comprehensively respond to them thanks to increased sales activities are advantages provided by SCHOLLGLAS, your “all-round supplier” and partner.

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