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Markets change over time; companies change along with markets; challenges change along with companies and vice versa. But the philosophy of a company should be lasting, down to the core. This is just one area in which SCHOLLGLAS has remained true to itself and thus also to all its business partners.


It is not only knowledge which makes you creative; knowledge along with curiosity frees the spirit to continuously develop new things. Glass is a material which allows us to overcome seemingly immovable barriers. Every new experience; every innovation and every completed project makes us curious to discover the next opportunity, to raise the bar just a little higher. But it is, above all, the impact of glass itself and its extraordinary ability to be simultaneously both visible and transparent which counts.

A life devoted to glass

The film “A life devoted to glass” combines Günter Weidemann’s life history with the company’s history. It provides personal and moving insights into the life of a true visionary and this leading traditional business company’s range of products. 

A production by TVN Corporate Media ©2014 SCHOLLGLAS GmbH


Length: 26.18 minutes

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