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Windows & glass doors

Whether a new building; refurbishment or individual solutions, with the variation possibilities of the GEWE-therm® product range we can offer needs-based options for every installation situation. Improve your property’s value thanks to increased security; better sound and sun protection; thermal insulation and, where desired, in combination with easy-to-clean glass surfaces.


Modern triple-insulating glazing provides insulation which is five to six times better than outdated double glazing. It increases comfort in all modern buildings and provides significant potential for savings on heating bills.


For many decades now SCHOLLGLAS has been a pioneer in the development of products to meet a succession of new requirements and has experience in the use of a variety of “warm edge” systems in the insulated glass segment. 

In addition to this, internal glass doors provide greater transparency, making enclosed rooms and corridors appear brighter and more welcoming. From urban lofts to children’s bedrooms, glass doors are the embodiment of a modern lifestyle.

We offer a wide range of products for this segment, from large-scale standard production to individualized solutions using a variety of surface finishes such as sand blasting, etching, laser finishing or screen / digital printing.

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